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              • Company Tel:86-10-62431717
              • Solution Tel:86-10-62431697
              • Company Fax:86-10-62431800
              • Email:suport@rayootech.com

              Core Banking Software


              Core banking software is a comprehensive and integrated banking application on a platform. Its phased, strategic approach effectively helps banks to improve operations, reduce costs, and be prepared for growth. The implementation of modular enterprise solution makes it convenient to integrate with a bank's existing technologies. The layered Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), STP capabilities, web-enabled technology and 24 x 7 operations ensure multi-channel, multi-country and multi-currency implementations. Additionally, the overall SOA helps banks reduce the risk that can result from manual data entry and out-of-date information, increases management information and review, and avoids the potential disruption to business caused by replacing entire systems.


              RayooTech supports a wide range of financial institution market segments, including: credit unions, thrifts, bankers' banks, community banks, mid-tier and large financial institutions and international financial institutions.


              Basic Functions

              recording of transactions

              passbook maintenance

              interest calculations on loans and deposits

              customer records

              balance of payments




              Key Modules

              Enterprise Customer Information

              Consumer Banking

              Wealth Management

              Corporate Banking

              Trade Finance

              Functional Services

              Reusable Business Components

              Accounting Backbone





              Differentiated Product Spread


              The core banking software offers a wide range of possibilities for banks to design and deploy products with innovative features for varying market segments.

              Agile Operations


              The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the IT team at the bank to effect changes without touching the base code, ensuring lesser vendor dependency and faster adaptability to changing business conditions.

              Robust Cross-sell Framework


              It enables the bank to view the customer from a completely informed angle and empowers banks to effectively manage customer relationships and aggressively explore cross-sell opportunities.

              Increased Operational Efficiencies and Productivity

              The core banking software supports business event automation and process orchestration, thus eliminating manual tasks and reducing process time. Further, the elimination of error and data redundancies also results in increased branch productivity.