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              Application of Cloud Computing in Bank System


              Data security is very important to the bank. While providing customers with various convenient services to enhance the status and credit, it also encountered some challenges. For example, credit card fraud and online bank robber, etc. However, cloud computing technology provides a new ideal way to solve these problems and the operational benefits and potential economic of cloud computing also make the bank runs better.


              Characteristics of cloud computing: Powerful computing and storage capability, high security, Quick scalability, Virtualization and Intelligence.


              Application of Cloud Computing in Bank


              - The combination of cloud computing and data mining technology will enhance the bank data processing. It can quickly extract valuable information from massive data in order to help the bank to quickly make business decisions. Additionally, the application of data mining technology provides a higher computing requirements and storage capability to the IT support platform. ‘Cloud’ faced the data of TB or PB level. The computing in the cloud computing model is distributed in a large number of distributed computers. Thousands of computer clusters in the sea of clouds provide powerful computing capability and automatically split the huge computing processing program into numerous smaller subroutines through the internet, in order to quickly process massive business data in a short time. It can provide banking with scientific decision, predictive analysis and technical support.


              - Enhance the reliability and storage capability of the bank data. Now, banks mainly use NAS and SAN storage technology. However, since NAS and applications use the same network, it will increase network congestion. Inversely, the performance of NAS is also constrained by the data transmission capability. The main drawbacks of SAN are high cost and complexity. Traditional SAN and NAS storage architectures cannot meet the data of PB level, because these applications need to capture a continuous business data and management data, provide less than 5 seconds to read and ensure the storage security. There are millions of servers in the ‘cloud’. Even though a server breaks down, the servers in the cloud can also quickly make a copy of the data of that server to other severs by using cloning technology and start a new server to provide the service. Additionally, a large number of servers in the cloud also provide a powerful storage capability. Different types of storage devices in the network assembled and cooperate to meet the needs of enormous data storage.


              - Improve the security of data transmission and prevent all kinds of virus threats and malicious intrusion. If the bank system uses cloud computing technology, computer will send the information and content of the application to the cloud server when finding an application entered the computer. At the same time, cloud server sends the requests aimed at this information to all the computers on the other nodes. The request is to ask other computers whether there is a decision method of similar application. Cloud computing provide multi-layer security mechanism to the bank data and make it safe.


              - Reduce the total cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership contains equipment costs, operating costs, power consumption, machining room space and future expansion costs. The total cost of ownership continues to rise with the continuous development of the bank. If the bank uses cloud computing technology, it does not have to buy expensive equipment and spend other funds. It completely transfers to the cloud computing suppliers to improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

              We believe that cloud computing technology will affect all business with the maturity of this technology.