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              • Company Tel:86-10-62431717
              • Solution Tel:86-10-62431697
              • Company Fax:86-10-62431800
              • Email:suport@rayootech.com

              Broadband IP Network Operation and Billing System


              The Broadband IP Network Operation and Billing System provides an integrated solution to the operation and management of broadband IP network. It offers business on the Internet for dial-up, ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop) as well as IDC (Internet Data Center) users and provides a unified management platform for all the users and business.




              The system is composed of several independent but synergetic software modules and the operation and billing system. The Broadband IP Network Operation and Billing System contain six systems:

              - Business & Billing Management

              - Network & Service Configuration

              - 3As (Authentication, Authorization & Account Server)

              - Usage Data Aggregation Management

              - Charge Calculation


              - Billing Balance Center


              There are also eight subsystems in the Billing Balance Center, including customer and business management subsystem, equipment control, card service management, user service subsystem, accounting subsystem, statistic analysis subsystem, system configuration system and traffic analysis subsystem.




              1. Open

              - The system support varied tariff modes, allowing users to flexibly choose suitable tariff mode.

              - The system allows users to modify existing tariff policies, adjust rates and establish new tariff mode.

              - The system supports multiple manufacturers' access services, routers and exchange boards.

              - The system completely supports RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) and TACAS+ (Terminal Access Controller Access-control System Plus)

              - The user self-service system adopts standard Browse/Server mode.


              - The system supports all the broadband technologies (Ethernet, XDSL, Cable, ATM/FR/DDN)


              2. Scalability

              - The modular structure enables the system to support new business easily.

              - The scale of the system is adjustable.


              - The quantity, type and level of the users are adaptable


              3. Manageability

              - System maintenance and management function and interface are available.

              - System installation is provided.

              - System configuration tools are provided to enable the system administrator to modify system parameter.


              - It can realize the smooth transition from existing tariff policy to the new one.


              4. Safety

              - The web self-service system adopts safe HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

              - The data of the authentication server and the access server is transmitted through MD5 (Message Digest) encryption.

              - The card number and password in card service management are encrypted by Triple DES (Triple Data Encryption algorithm).