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              E-Government Management System


              Based on Lotus/Domino groupware technology and the Internet, E-government Management System is a general office automation system which caters to the government. The core of the system is flow control, information inquiry and knowledge management. The system can boost working efficiency, avoid mistakes and promote communication and cooperation, supporting the government officials to manage efficiently.



              The system includes five subsystems — office management, business management, information service, aid decision making and system management, and more than twenty modules.



              System Structure - Office Management


              Backlog The module enables users to directly view the backlog official documents, notifications and Emails and to deal with those documents immediately.


              Official document processing


              The official document processing system is composed of three functional modules: document writing, document receiving and archives borrowing.

              Supervision management


              Supervision management includes superior assignment, conference supervision, administration proposals and so on.

              Transaction management


              Transaction management includes work plan, work report, schedule, important event, car management, reception and logistics.

              Conference management


              Conference management includes conference application, conference notice, material preparation, conference note and conference enquiry.

              Letters and visits management


              Letters and visits management module includes letters and visits register, letters and visits statistics.

              Information release


              The function of the information release submodule is to share information on the Internet and classified the information into internal release and external release.

              Archives administration


              Archives administration is used for managing all kinds of documents in the daily work. The submodule provides three main functions, archive management, destruction management and lending management, for the archive administrator.



              System Structure - Business Management

              Information service


              It makes the government information known to public, provides the online enquiry for government information and realizes the sharing of varied information resources.

              System management


              The system provides permissions, maintenance, monitor and management for the whole E-government management system.




              + Based on business database, the comprehensive and integrated platform helps to optimize the work flow and boosts the work efficiency.


              + The state-of-the-art Browse/Server (B/S) architecture and the combination of relational database and document database improve the government's ability of quick service.


              + Users are able to adjust their work flow flexibly without modifying the program.

              + It supports online remote office.