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              • Email:suport@rayootech.com

              Government Procurement Management System


              Government procurement management system perfectly combines electronization with report forms and with the intelligentized workflow, the system can boost the work efficiency of the government procurement center and ensure impartiality, fairness and openness. The system establishes procurement catalogue and the databases of commodity, supplier, bid evaluation expert and procurement division, enabling all the companies to deal fairly on a unified platform in government procurement. Adopting B/S (Browser/ Server) architecture, the system is characterized by great scalability and system maintainability. Further, the system provides good price/performance ratio with regard to development, application and maintenance.


              System Functional Structure


              Government procurement management system is composed of two systems, foreground system and background system.

              - Foreground System


              Information query and statistics, procurement divisions' plan, bid management and procurement center summarization.

              - Background system


              Information update, maintenance and compile. Since background data requires security arrangements, only the procurement center's administrators are allowed to maintain it.




              Foreground system functions

              - Foreground system log in

              - Selection function module

              - Foreground system data query module

              - Foreground system data approval module


              - Random inquiry on single commodity

              - Quota capital investment inquiry module


              - Mass-produced commodity summary and inquiry module


              - Expert random chosen module


              - Bid document prepare module


              - Procurement summary module


              - Procurement division setting


              - Reporting system


              Background system function


              - Background system log in


              - Selection function module

              - Commodity classification


              - Supplier information


              - Procurement expert information


              - Procurement division information


              - User permission


              - Password change


              - System log


              - Website login interface

              - Supplier entry