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              • Company Tel:86-10-62431717
              • Solution Tel:86-10-62431697
              • Company Fax:86-10-62431800
              • Email:suport@rayootech.com

              Rayootech Achieves Beijing Software and Information Services Industry Comprehensive Strength of 100

              On November 8, 2016, 30 years software development seminar and Beijing soft association held in Beijing at the Mew Century hotel. Meeting has reviewed the development process of the Beijing software industry for 30 years, the publishing software influence report, 2016 Beijing top list of softwares and information service enterprise comprehensive strength as well as 30 years of outstanding contribution enterprise list.

              More than in 2015, the Beijing municipal scale software and information service industries accounted for the proportion of the city's GDP rose to 10.3% from 9.2% in 2011, the software industry has become the most popular innovative entrepreneurial and the most can reflect a pillar industry of science and technology innovation center function. In the first half of 2016, the city's software and information services revenue grew by 12.1% year-on-year, maintained a steady growth.


              To cultivate industry outstanding brands and promote the competitiveness of the backbone enterprises, promoting the sustainable development of the industry, Beijing soft association, especially in the "2016 Beijing software and information service industry enterprise of comprehensive strength”. Through to the enterprise in the software total revenues, profits, R&D and intellectual property rights after four aspects of the comprehensive evaluation, Rayootech finally selected enterprise of comprehensive strength of science and technology list, and get "the 30th anniversary of the outstanding contribution enterprise" award! 

              As a professional software of globalization and information technology services provider, Rayootech with the advanced technology in the field of IT industry continued to promote the status of the commitment to customers worldwide, on-demand customized professional IT planning and consulting, software application system development and IT operations and support services. By providing high quality personalized IT services, to help customers create value, and make it win-win.

              Rayootech in recent years has continued technological innovation. Applications in mobile, Internet, electricity, cloud computing, logistics network in areas such as in-depth implementation of the relevant technical solutions, helping our clients achieve business to upgrade and pattern transformation, has achieved great results, the company size also steadily in the process of innovation development, and received favorable comments from the key customers and the industry experts.

              It was awarded "comprehensive strength hundred" and "the 30th anniversary of the outstanding contribution enterprise" and so on a series of awards, shows the industry science and technology achievement. In the future, Rayootech will keep up with industry trends of science and technology, relying on years of accumulated experience, team and technical advantages in the service of new and old customers, makes contributions to Beijing software industry.